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The Connection


Being a very capable and competent candidate I have decided to handle my campaign for Mayor in a unique way. My intention is not to run a campaign filled with propaganda but to connect with the individual in an authentic manner. I want to use the power of social media to inform the citizens of Edmonton and work on connecting with people through technology and social media, not only during this campaign, but continued through my term if I were to be elected. I feel it is important that the citizens have access to the mayor on a personal level, not just through a public forum. I believe this can be achieved through social media. I want to campaign not with a million dollar budget, but with hard work, transparency, creativity and social media.


When talking with people from our great city I have become greatly concerned with our lack of voter turnout and frustration expressed that there was no box to select “none of the above” for Mayoral candidates. What does this say?  People want to have someone that makes them want to vote. Someone who makes them want to express their democratic right. I believe I am that person. I will feel I have been successful with my campaign if nothing else, more Edmontonians are showing up at the polling booths.


 With only 27% of eligible voters actually voting last election I want to have at least an additional 75,000 more voters cast a ballot in the upcoming election. Why 75,000? This will increase the ballots cast from election by about 1/3. Last election the Mayoral race was won with 98,751 votes; if I can encourage more voter turnout I can increase a more competitive democratic election. By creating a Facebook page stating that if I receive 75,000 followers I will run for mayor, I want to create a following that will draw more people to the polls and make citizens aware during this current election by utilizing social media such as Facebook and Twitter.



Being passionate about our city I wear my heart on my sleeve for Edmonton. To hear people mock the “city of champions” statement shows to me that we have lost our focus. It seems many Edmontonians have forgotten that our city is not just about sports team greatness but also about the citizens who work hard to make Edmonton better every day.  These people are Edmonton’s champions. Edmonton has a fantastic and incomparable festival program, many unique attractions, and so much more to be proud of. We need re-ignite our pride in Edmonton and carry forward a vision of a clean and sustainable city.

The vision we must share together must be a long-term vision not just thinking only to the next election


Long Term Vision


City Centre Airport

The City Centre Airport is an issue that matters to the majority of Edmonton’s citizens. I feel it should also be a choice of the citizens to keep the airport in operation.

 I personally support keeping the airport open as it serves Edmonton in many important capacities. The airport is profitable, employs over 200 people, is used by emergency services, and is a vital connection to the north.  


New Hockey Arena and multi-plex

Sports have the wonderful ability to draw people together and can benefit surrounding business, groups and individuals. Building a new arena in Edmonton should have been a thought many years ago when it was the 20th oldest stadium, not the oldest. A new arena in the downtown core would be a huge benefit to the city of Edmonton but also a huge investment. The reason I use the term “investment” is because that is exactly what a new arena is, a long-term investment. The building of a new arena needs to be handled as a business transaction. Edmonton should benefit/profit financially in the same was the owner of our beloved hockey team needs to.



Public transit is utilized by citizens of all age’s everyday and is an important service to this city. Expansion and upgrading of the LRT should be an ongoing process as Edmonton grows. We need to continue LRT expansion but we need to do it with a vision looking into the next 100 years not just what works for now. We need to build in a fiscally responsible manner, minimizing the impact to commuter traffic and the residents near the LRT lines. A perfect example of that is our Anthony Henday Drive. Initially capital could have been spent to make the road three lanes each way. Instead we have to travel thru traffic at rush hour and in a few short years we will have to pay a larger cost for expansion. We must have forward thinking that will promote the use of across city travel on the LRT.

Providing LRT service through Edmonton in a more fiscally responsible manner while minimizing the impact of commuter traffic and residents living near the LRT lines. 

One important issue that we need to address first is transit safety. If we want to encourage public transit then we need to make it safe for all passengers at all times of the day.


Winter Plan - Edmonton is a winter city and it is about time that we handle our snow removal like a winter city. We should be pros at removing snow and maintaining our roads. But the sad reality is that we are not. Our sidewalks and streets are falling apart all over the city and we have a huge job ahead to repair them due to a lack of proper maintenance. Infrastructure and safety should be our first two concerns as a city before anything. As Mayor I plan to work with council to make sure we put a strategic plan and realistic winter budget in place to be a leader in dealing with winter weather and winter roadways. We need to look at other cities and see what best practices we can introduce to Edmonton but also see what best practices we can improve to be a leader that other cities will look to as the example. Winter comes every year in our city and we should be ready for it every year not crippled by it.



PROPERTY TAX FREEZE- If voted in as Mayor I amdedicated to making a major change in how personal property taxes are paid. I would like to have Edmontonians have the option tobe able pay at the current rate for up to 3 years on personal property taxes. We need to encourage more people pay taxes on-time and allow taxpayers to take advantage of current rate.

This would allow seniors and anyone else who owns a personal residence in Edmonton to have one less concern about the cost of living. Many long time citizens have savings that may want to invest in the city and in return they have the peace of mind knowing that they won’t have a tax increase.

A similar model for prepayment is used to pay for tuition in some Colleges/ Universities in the USA and can allow the City to pay down existing debt.

As Mayor I want to offer citizens the opportunity to invest in Edmonton. The less interest the City has to pay on existing debt the more it can invest back into its citizens and keep tax increases to a minimum or stationary. If we can use this model to keep taxes consistent more citizens will want to invest in this idea.”


Secure Online Voting –As Mayor I would like to introduce Secure On-line voting to our election process, plebiscites as a means to use technology and to keep the overall costs associated with having elections down. This also is a way to encourage people to participate in elections. With only 27% of eligible voters actually voting last election we need more voters to cast a ballot in the upcoming election. If I can encourage more voter turnout I can increase a more competitive democratic election.


My Platform allows for managed growth and a vision for the long term in Edmonton. I feel that my ability to connect and communicate with the citizens of Edmonton will allow me to represent the people in a manner that will be respected by those within our city limits and out. 


Abe Lincoln said “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed. “


On Monday October 18th I encourage the citizens of Edmonton to show your pride and passion in this great city and vote for a shared long-term vision.


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Last Election just over 150,000 people voted and that was only 27% voter turnout. Our current mayor won with 95,000 of those votes. If we want to see change we need to hear from more people on Oct 18th!

Do you want a change? Do you want your voice to be heard? What does our wonderful City need?

I believe it need a new voice for the people. A fresh face with new ideas.






  • I want to keep our communities clean and safe for everyone of all ages.
  • Be a spokesperson for all of Edmonton. To promote our City with a clear vision for many years to come.
  • Always listening to what Edmontonians want during full term as Mayor

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I would like to thank everyone who supported me during the election.

It was a wonderful experience and I am thankful.

May this be but a stepping stone to a wonderful future serving the people of Edmonton.






Today is the day to VOTE!

Well Edmonton today is the day that you get to hire or fire. It is a day that you get to have your voice heard. Vote!